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Dakota Moore - Modern Newborn Photography

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Dakota is a portrait photographer, wife, and a mother of two. Before she discovered her love for photography she was a cosmetologist working in a salon setting. She’s able to use her experience in the salon to show case her creativity and understanding of tiny details to deliver quality images. She has an organic stylized form of work that focuses specifically on Mother & Baby. Dakota promises to capture in-the-moment images that you & your family can cherish for a lifetime. Modern Newborn Photography is a boutique portrait studio located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, CO. Creating custom, fine art portraits for clients to cherish for a lifetime. Specializing in Maternity, Newborn, Children Milestone, Cake Smash and Individual Sessions. As you enter the studio you will find a wall completed with a collection of organic styled newborn headbands, tiebacks, hand knit bonnets, mini blankets, hats, outfits, crowns, newborn wraps and maternity gowns. We try our best to make sure that our clients are pampered in every way that they can be. You don’t need to bring anything but yourself and baby.


Elise Taylor - Lifestyle Newborn Photography

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Denver Photo Betties Member Spotlight
Elise Taylor Photography


When you do a newborn session during a solar eclipse you know it will be special. I had that feeling during this session and couldn't wait to get home and edit the images. It was funny because they kept a tally that day of who said ‘eclipse’ the most. They are originally from Wyoming so they were keeping a close eye on the days events. The Redmans are a beautiful family and their newest little was such a sweetie. He slept the entire session! Even through his big sister opening and closing his bedroom door about a hundred times. Big sister was not afraid to kiss and snuggle her baby brother either! Fun fact - Candice and I have been friends for a while, in fact, her daughter is only a month younger than mine! This family is so stylish, if you couldn’t tell by looking at them! Baby’s nursery is so cute, and big sister’s nursery theme was black and white too. Thank you guys for letting me capture your gorgeous family, I can't wait to make more memories in the future.

Lifestyle newborn photography Greely CO
Lifestyle newborn photography Greely CO
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session
Greeley Lifestyle Newborn Session

I love photographing families and babies are just so precious. If you have any questions let me know! I also do weddings, seniors, engagements, maternity, and rainbow bridge sessions. I photograph all over Northern Colorado including but not limited to Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Fort Collins, and Boulder. I grew up in Loveland but attended university in Missouri to play soccer. Colorado really is the best though so I knew I had to come back. I now live here with my husband and two kids and Olde English Bulldogge, and I still play soccer up in Fort Collins! For inquiries you can email me at elise {at} I’d love to preserve some memories for you! Thanks for reading!

Elise Taylor


Sweet August Studios - Newborn Photography

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Denver Photo Betties Member Spotlight
Sweet August Studios


When you search for a newborn photographer in your area can be a daunting task. Who is the best choice? Will you get along with your photographer? Are you making the best decision for you and your baby? 

So I've compiled a list of 5 basic things I will do for you as your maternity & newborn photographer.



I will have a flu shot (and other vaccines) – Having a sick baby is no fun. And a sick newborn can be downright scary! You have to worry about so much even before you leave the hospital. You should not have to worry that your baby will get sick from their photo session.  Staying up all night suctioning a newborn’s nose is not fun, or taking their temperature to ensure they’re healthy, or listening to every breath to make sure it’s unobstructed by goop. I take care to make sure I am always current on my flu shot and other vaccinations such as pertussis (whooping cough) and pneumonia. I cannot imagine how it would make me feel if I ever was responsible for getting a baby sick. For this reason I will tell you if I have been sick recently, or any of my own children. And am always happy to reschedule after a couple of days to ensure the health of you and your new baby.


I have license and insurance – Every service provider should have a state/county license to perform their work. Even professional photographers. Can you imagine hiring someone to work on your house without knowing if they’re insured? We all know construction workers, contractors and service providers need permits to work. They need insurance in case anything goes wrong or damages your home. Your photographer should also have a license and insurance to work with your most precious possession. As a client you should not have to take a risk with an uninsured photographer! The safety of your baby is my top priority. 



I have a clean studio and props – After each and every newborn client I wash all wraps, backdrops and blankets that were used. I keep my studio area disinfected and ready for the next baby. Limiting the number of clients I see each day to helps to limit contact with people and allow ample time to clean my studio. Because my studio is in my home I have to be more diligent in my cleanliness, and I work very hard to ensure that you feel comfortable in this space. I wash my hands before handling your baby, and keep sanitizer close by. The  idea is when you hand me your baby, I don’t want you to worry, and I want your trust and confidence so I can do the job you are paying me to do!



I have a good attitude – Have you ever asked a stranger "how are you?" only to have them dump their life's problems on you? It’s hard to enjoy someone who uses their conversation to share their personal struggles, their bad day happenings, and why life isn’t fun – especially if I don’t know them or have hired them for a job. It's not that we can't share our lives, but there is a time and place to talk about the harder things. I love my clients and I want them to love coming to my studio. New moms are tired, so maybe you won’t feel like laughing at my jokes. That’s fine. But I will always have a good attitude and am armed with patience for a baby who might need a few extra minutes to fuss before they fall asleep. You can probably tell from my bio page that I’m a fairly laid back and positive person!


I always have baby essentials – preparing for newborn photography sessions can be overwhelming, and you just might forget something. Believe me, I’ve walked out of my house without my diaper bag before, and it was not fun. My studio comes fully stocked with extra blankets, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, and pacifiers. And I have chocolate, but that's for you! I am happy to use my resources before you have to use yours. My goal is that you enjoy your visit, feel comfortable during your session, and leaving knowing that I took great care of your new baby, and that you get amazing images that will bring joy to you as they grow way too fast.