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Denver Photo Betties City Park Spring Variety Shootout

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Since I would bet that most photographers became photographers because they love photography, its not surprising that our most popular Betty hosted event is the shootout.

Shootouts are a great opportunity for you to network in a small group setting while practicing your shooting skills.  They're also a great time to try a new technique, shoot something you're not used to shooting, and build up your portfolio.  

And the best part, they're open to ALL Betties, regardless of shooting level.  They're a time to learn, connect, and grow as photographers.

In April, the Betties hosted a Spring Variety Shootout in City Park.  

The number and type of models at each shootout varies, but at this shoot we had two amazing maternity models, two rad senior models, and two awesome couples.

Check out some of the reviews below and some of the awesome photos taken by your fellow Betty members!

The Bettie’s Spring Variety Shoot Out was an awesome way to network with other female photographers of all different specialties and levels of experience! I loved getting to practice different techniques and poses stress free on the lovely and willing models. So thankful that the Bettie’s group provides unique opportunities like this and I will be looking forward to the next event!
— Abigail Oxford Photoraphy
The Spring Variety Shoot Out was a blast! It was a great opportunity to meet other betties from all over and have a chance to shoot a variety of different people. I loved that I was able to chat with other betties, get a chance to network, hear about their photography experiences, find fun and exciting spots to take the photos, and experiment with my own photography skills. It was a great portfolio booster as well, since I could add some images to categories that I want to branch into (such as seniors and maternity). It was very well organized and so helpful to have the betties organization coordinate the location and people who were in the photos. It made for an overall fun evening with great company and an occasion to practice new photography techniques while building my portfolio.
— Ashleigh Cropper, Red Aspen Photography

Stay tuned to the Denver Photo Betties Facebook group for updates on upcoming shootouts and events!