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Some DIFFERENT Ideas For Photographers On Your Holiday Gift List

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We all have the vintage camera charms and ornaments and, well, vintage cameras themselves.  We're good to go with the lens mugs, the camera strap covers, and the 'I Shoot People' t-shirts.  So I thought maybe it was time to create a new list with some fun and practical things you might want to hint for your loved one to slip into your stocking this year- all under $100!


Holga Lens for Canon or Nikon DSLRs

Okay, this is cheating just a bit.  After all, you could just get a Holga and play with some film.  But if what you're wanting is a fun novelty item to kickstart your inspiration over the slower months, this is certainly a fun toy!

Camera Lens Pendant

I've seen millions of photography-related pendants, but this one is cool! It's only about 1", so totally wearable (or stackable if you're like me), but I guarantee other photographers will notice it!  And for that price, you could treat yourself!


BlackRapid Elle Camera Strap

I know you already have a camera strap, but do you have this camera strap?  If not, find someone who does and try it on!  Designed by women specifically for women, it's incredibly comfortable and well-designed.  It will streamline the way you shoot.

Lensbaby Spark
$90 -

This is technically another novelty lens, but a lot of photographers do pull out their lensbabies for a few special shots during regular portrait sessions, too.  And if you want something just a little more technical and true to the tilt-shift concept, there's a whole line of lensbaby lenses at different price points.   


Phoneography Starter Kit

This fun little kit comes with a macro and wide-angle lens, a pocket-sized flash, a giftcard to a phoneography class at Photojojo University, and a cute pouch to keep it all in.  Now, tell me this doesn't look FUN! 


I think we all can understand how important it is to keep your lens clean.  And this thing is awesome at doing just that! It has a carbon tip that won't scratch your lens- or even your eyeglasses- and a screw-on lid to keep the tip safe.  And it's so inexpensive, it's actually an 'add-on item' on Amazon!



Photography Books for Inspiration
Around $35

There are LOTS of choices here- a quick search on Amazon brings up hundreds.  These are just two on my own list this year.  If you're like me, you probably already have tons, all dog-earred with a scattering of sticky note markers.  But who can get enough of flipping through a book and seeing awesome photographs in print?
Vogue- The Covers
Vanity Fair 100 Years


Hoodman Hoodloupe

You know those bright days when just glancing at the back of your camera gives you a headache? And those times when you NEED to know that your image was tack sharp before you can move on? That's what a Hoodloupe is for.  Just make sure you choose the model that is right for the size of your camera's lcd screen. (The one linked is for a 3" screen) 


Camera Scarves

Do you love scarves? And if you're here, I know you love cameras! Etsy seller RainbowSwirlz has put them together in these adorable (but not over-the-top) designs, and she has lots of other cute things to choose from, too! 


Telephoto Lens Kitchen Timer

Once you own this handy dandy little timer, every single person who walks into your kitchen is going to ask you why you keep your lens in your kitchen.  Which is amusing in and of itself, but basically, this thing is just fun to use.  And it will go smashingly on the shelf with your lens coffee mugs. 


What fun/different photo things do YOU have on your list this year? Tell us about them in the comments! 

- Katie

Betties With Heart - How Photographers Can Give Back This Holiday Season

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November is over.  Thanksgiving has passed along with the feasts, the toasts, and the 30 Days of Thanks posts that fill up our Facebook feed all month long.  We have new memory cards and external hard drives thanks to Amazon's Black Friday deals, we've switched to our 'Holiday Editing Station' on Pandora, and we're rushing to get those final mini-sessions edited by that Christmas card deadline.

But with the quiet moments amidst the madness that comes at the holiday season, there's also a reminder that WE have so much to be thankful for.  So we're starting to think about how we can use our talents to give back.  Some of us have traditions or plans, but this year, I needed a few ideas.  And if you do, too, it just so happens in my own research, I've come across some great organizations you may not know about. 

PMDA Portraits of Love

Portraits of Love is an organization dedicated to sending portraits to military members serving overseas at a time when missing their families is particularly painful.  This video does a great job of explaining what they do and how important it is.  And for more information, be sure to visit their website,

One Picture Saves A Life

One Picture Saves A Life teams up with The Animal Rescue Site and Petfinder Foundation (as well as photographer Seth Casteel who actually teaches a workshop for shelter workers on photographing shelter pets) to give animals in shelters a fighting chance at finding a new home.  At a time when so many families are considering a pet as a holiday gift, perhaps your photograph could be the one to match them up with their perfect new four-legged family member!

There are lots of contacts for our area as well as across the country, and all you need to do to get involved is reach out to the contact listed in the location of your choice

This video is actually about the recent One Picture Saves A Life workshop tour, but it still gives you a great idea of what the organization is all about. 

Help Portrait

Help Portrait is an awesome organization that spans the globe, pulling photographers together one day out of the year to commit their time and talents to photograph those less fortunate- as the video says, simply to give them a reason to smile. 

Unfortunately Help Portrait is December 7 this year, and it's probably a little too late to jump into Help Portrait Denver for this year.  But there's always next year, and the great thing is that this idea doesn't HAVE to only stand within an organization or just one day of the year!  We all know families who truly don't have enough money to be able to afford luxury items like a professional photographer.  So take the idea and run with it!  And next year, be sure to hook up with Help Portrait Denver to be a part of the group!

These are just a few of the amazing organizations helping others during the holiday season and year round.  And there are many, many other things you can do! 

Think of a nonprofit or cause you respect, and see if there's a holiday fundraising event that needs your photographic talents.  Or dedicate a portion of your December portrait sessions to the charity of your choice.  Or get your children involved in a charity that has nothing to do with photography like Operation Christmas Child or Toys For Tots.

There are nursing homes to visit with gifts of stuffed animals and Christmas carols.  There's a single mothers in line behind you who would be forever grateful if you paid for her groceries- or even her Starbucks! There are millions of things big and small we can do to give back to a world that is paying us to live our dreams.  

So what will YOU be doing this holiday season? Let us know in the comments! 

- Katie