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101 Goals in 1001 Days

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For many people, setting goals can either be a challenge or an opportunity.  If your brain doesn't think in a streamlined way, you may get bogged down in the steps needed to accomplish a goal.  If you like checking things off a list, it might be a bit easier.  To help us all with our business goals-setting the Betties is holding their very own workshop on February 12!  Simply visit the 'Events' tab in our Facebook group for details!

But in addition that, I'd like to challenge you to turn setting goals into an opportunity by creating a 101 Goals in 1001 Days list for yourself.

The concept is not new, simply google 101 Goals in 1001 Days and you'll get post after post of people doing the very same thing.  I myself first came across the concept on two photography blogs I follow, Kern Photo, and Melissa Jill Photography.  Seeing two obviously successful photographers STILL setting goals for themselves was motivating to me just starting out.  It made me realize the power of thinking about what I want and finding ways to keep myself accountable as I worked to achieve them.  I started my very own list that same afternoon.


Now for a list of our own, here on the blog.

Reasons why a goals list and a goals challenge are good for photographers

1. A list of goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable (yes, I know I said that already). 
By identifying thing that you want to accomplish (and writing them down), you are one step closer to actually accomplishing them.  And they don't just have to be photography related.  Put some personal goals on the list too--a trip you've been dreaming of taking, a meal you're dying to make, a financial planning class you've been putting off for a year--anything!  The point is to think about it, write it down, then go back and reference your list periodically to remind yourself  of the awesome things you want to do. Then find ways to go about doing them!

2. Your list gives you something to blog about.
I think many photographers struggle with the blogging part of their business, especially when starting out.  You may not have a consistent stream of clients to create posts about, but that doesn't mean that you should let your blog lapse when you're slow.  Analytics say that blogs that frequently update (at least twice a week) rank stronger with SEO in search engines, AND you're more likely to maintain a continued readership.  Plus, in a market that is saturated with photographers, your blog is a great way to put your personality out there for perspective clients to get to 'know you'. 

Blogging about your list is a great way to kill two birds with one stone--you can increase your content stream as you accomplish and check off goals, and you let your readers know more about who you are and what kinds of things you like to do.  Win win!

3. It gives you an excuse to practice your photography.
Plan to not only blog about your goals, but provide photographic proof of them.  Maybe you don't think that 'Organize my 10 boxes of photos in a logical order' would be very fun to photograph, but challenge yourself to think creatively about how to best capture it.  Try new angles, pick a great backdrop, try a macro lens--find different ways to view a boring subject and you'll be sharpening your photographic skills for your actual paying clients.

4. You never know who you'll meet in the process.
Part of the fun of creating this list is to share it with others and to share your experiences as you check things off.  Do any of your friends have a list themselves?  Do any other Betties?  Make it a point to share your list with people and take a look at the lists of those you know.  See something on their list that you're good at?  Offer to help!  Maybe someone will do the same for you.  At the end of the day you may accomplish a goal a lot faster than you would have on your own and you might come away with a new friend.


So what do you say Betties?  Is anyone up for the challenge?  if you've already created a list, or if you're dying to give it try, post your blog link in the comments.  Lets see how we can help each other out.  I'll start!  You can see my list here.  Also, you can use this link to easily calculate your end date for your goals.