Denver Photo Betties

Rules and Policies 

We try not to be strict - we're all adults here.  But we do have some policies that we believe keep our group running as a supportive and friendly environment.

Please make sure to read and adhere to the code of conduct that is pinned in the group. If you have any questions regarding the code of conduct or the rules below, please contact a Betties Leadership Team member.

- Above all, treat others with respect, whether they're new to our field making mistakes as they find their way, or they're industry leaders whose policies you might not fully agree with.  This group was created for our members to grow and learn and get support when it's needed.  This does not mean we can never disagree, but malicious actions that go against that basis of education, support, and friendship will be grounds for being removed from the group. 

- One biggie in the photography realm is STEALING.  Hopefully we're all aware that stealing photographs for unauthorized use is stealing, but it's not as well-known that copying website materials is also stealing.  Both of these are grounds for instant removal from our group, whether the photographer who is stolen from is part of our group or not. Stealing will not be tolerated in any form.

- Please refrain from unsolicited critique.  If critique is asked for, by all means, critique using the sandwich method! But never offer critique on a photo for which it isn't specifically asked. 

- Negative gossip about other photographers (including non-members and those in the public eye) is not allowed within the group. 

- Along those lines, please also refrain from negative gossip about clients and others.  'What do I do in this situation' requests and even vents are allowed, but please refrain from posting pictures or comments featuring names and faces in conjunction with negative comments.  (Remember, this is a large group, and chances are, someone knows the person you're posting about.)

- What is said in the group STAYS in the group.  Never discuss someone else's vent or general discussion to venders or others outside of the group.  We're all professionals, and this game of telephone has both personal and professional consequences. Bringing print screens and/or negative gossip to people outside of the Betties will result in instant removal from the group. 

- Along those same lines, events hosted by the Denver Photo Betties are ONLY for those in our group.  The exceptions will be noted accordingly, when friends who are female photography students or aspiring photographers who have not yet set up shop are welcome.  Be sure to let the event organizer know in order to adjust any reservations within the Facebook event. 

- If you have a separate business outside of photography that caters to photographers (such as workshops, graphic design, etc) please do not spam our members. Promotional posts are not allowed except from Educators and will be removed, which could result in removal from the group. If a member asks for your particular service, feel free to comment! If you would like to become an Educator member, please read more information here.

- We avoid banning members, because often problems within the group are misunderstandings.  As such, if there is a serious grievance with another Betty that is grounds for banning her from the group, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. The Betty Leadership Team can't and won't play judge or investigator.  

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!