Denver Photo Betties

Commonly Asked Questions

How do you become a Denver Photo Betty?

Be a Denver-area, female photographer charging for your services and with a website then request to join our Facebook group. 

That's it!

There may come a time in the future when we create slightly stricter guidelines for becoming a member, but we will always be inclusive of newbies in our field as well as well-established ladies who know their way around the field.  We also love our fine art photographers and the inspiration they bring to our group.  So if you make any amount of your income with photography, you're in! 

How are meetings and events planned?

We have a group of ladies called the Betty Board who meet quarterly to work through the next quarter's schedule. We take the input and ideas that everyone posts, and we make it happen!

What's coming up for the Denver Photo Betties?

SO many exciting things are happening, and the Betty  Board is constantly planning events a few months into the future- monthly Snappy Hours, workshops, shoot-outs, and much more!

What is a Snappy Hour?

Snappy Hour is when we all get together at an area restaurant to eat and drink, chat, and just get to know each other. It's a LOT of fun! (And always more than an hour!)

How much to events cost?

This varies.  Snappy Hours (and Lunches) are always free for all Betties to join in.  Some things like workshops are more due to all of the costs involved with holding one of these events.  But we always strive to make every event affordable to every Betty who wants to take part.  (We do these fees in lieu of a membership fee.  The money will always go back into the Betties, so the more each Betty participates, the more we can do!)