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Member Feature - Tina Joiner Photography

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Introducing TINA JOINER of Tina Joiner Photography -- Our VERY FIRST member feature!!





Name: Tina Joiner
Genre of Photography: Wedding, Engagement, Family, Maternity, Newborn, and Senior Photography
Facebook Site:

What's your 'photography story'?

I have always appreciated good photography, but I never thought I could do it myself. I purchased a DSLR before my first daughter was born so that I could have good photos of my kids and family around the house. I started getting into newborn photography just as a hobby. I was working with two very good friends at Compassion International at the time who had been in the photography industry for over 20 years (Craig Coupland – Photography by Craig and Bobby Claypool – Claypool Photography). I asked them questions all the time about photography, cameras, photoshop, etc. I prayed long and hard about whether this should stay a hobby or become a full-time job. After some pretty clear signs (too long to share here) I started pursuing photography as more than just a hobby. I soaked in every bit of information I could. I attended a wedding workshop with Julie Paisley Photography before shooting my first wedding and I fell in love!! I really love it all. I enjoy each genre of photography for different reasons and it is fun to have variety in my business. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love everyday!


Tell us about your very first shoot:
My very first newborn shoot was with my daughter. I was horrible at it!!! I didn’t know anything about posing or how to prepare for a newborn session. I would be so embarrassed to show those photos. I started doing a lot of research on newborn photography. I also had a local newborn photographer (Summer Stuker – Summer Michelle Photography) take me under her wing. She helped me out a ton! I just kept learning and soaking in as much information as I could. I still have a lot to learn!!


What 3 words best describe your style?
I describe my wedding photography as creative, romantic, and real. I would say it is very similar for portrait photography – creative, emotive (sometimes romantic), and real. This would be a good question to ask in the Photo Betties group to find out what others would say about your style.  

If you could go anywhere and photograph anything, where would you go and what would you shoot?
It would make sense for me to have a place I want to go to shoot like France (that would be cool), but I really love photographing people. I think it would be amazing to shoot weddings in places like France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, or anywhere with a unique and gorgeous setting. Does that count?

If you could be photographed by any photographer, living or dead, who would it be?
Jasmine Star…she is so inspiring, although I am not good at being photographed myself.   

What one tip would you give a photographer starting out in your field? Learn to use what you’ve got.

What websites/blogs do you visit often?
Pinterest, Facebook – lots of groups and especially the Denver Photo Betties group!!



What do you find most difficult about being a photographer?
Charging people to do something I absolutely love to do (it still feels weird to me)…and the business/finance side of it.

What do you find most rewarding?
I love being able to give people memories that they will cherish for a lifetime…but even more rewarding is the ability to have flexibility for my family and stay home with my girls (although I’m still learning how to balance it).