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Keeping Inspiration Alive During the Slow Winter Season

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I don't know if you've noticed, but it's cold outside. And frankly, it's only getting colder. For the next few months, it's going to be getting pretty difficult to find clients interested in freezing for a photo shoot.

But after those next few months, the clients will start rolling in again, and if we haven't done a thing to battle that boredom and stress of the slow season, we're all going to feel pretty rusty! So this year, let's combat that! I've got a few ideas to share with you.


Carry a camera around

If you're like me, unless it just so happens your iPhone has enough charge to snap a shot, you really don't carry a camera around a lot. But it's a great way to kick yourself out of a rut! If you don't feel like lugging your dslr along with the fourteen other things we moms and busy ladies carry with us everywhere, a point and shoot works, too. Just try to find new ways to capture everyday occurrences. And if that gets boring, then maybe it's time for an adventure!

Work on business goals

I know 'business stuff' isn't always the most interesting part of what we do. But it's SO important! And nothing feels better than knowing you're making some positive steps forward toward being a mega successful photographer. So now is a great time to spend some time thinking about your branding, your website, and your business goals. And then to really sit down with that list of goals and break them into actionable steps. And if you only spend thirty minutes each day during the slow season making baby steps in the right direction, you'll find yourself in a much better place when Spring rolls around.


Take part in critiques

Critiques could be as big as a whole critique group or as small as taking part of Denver Photo Bettie's Critique Monday. (If you're in the Facebook group, simply post a photo on Monday- or any time really- with the hashtag #CCMonday)

Don't know of any critique groups around? Start one! You'll find you're not the only photographer with some time on her hands.

If you're feeling pretty good about your work and aren't interested in a photo critique, a website critique might suit your business needs a little better. The Denver Photo Betties are hosting a series of website critiques for members, and most still have spots available! If you're a member, simply visit the events tab of the Facebook group for more information.  


Try entering your art in gallery shows

A lot of photographers I've talked to think there are two different types of photographers- fine artists and commercial photographers. And I'm here to tell you, that's just not true! What you do is an art, and there's no reason you can't create something gallery-worthy! Perhaps you feel none of your commercial portrait and wedding work fits the bill, but if nothing else is going on, then why not create something that does?

Try Denver Arts' Call For Entries page or the Denver Call For Artists Facebook page for galleries looking for art for upcoming shows.


Start a Personal Project

Maybe there's an amazing photograph you saw a year ago, or maybe there's an idea that has been in the back of your mind for a while. Now is the time to act on it! Make a plan and get things rolling!  



Shoot other photographers or models

Think about who you COULD get to brave the cold for an amazing shoot... your friends, right? Other photographers who totally get that if they ever want to be on the other side of the lens, now is the time! And some of my favorite work with models has been in the snow! Sites like ModelMayhem are a great source for finding models interested in work. But please, please be extra careful when meeting with people you don't know, especially in remote shoot locations!

These are just a few ideas, and there are many, many ways to challenge yourself to keep things moving during slow season. What are your plans? We would love to hear about them in the comments!